Artist Statement

Rosemary Clunie is a painter, printmaker and video artist, born in Scotland and living in Hampstead. She has exhibited at the World Economic Forum in Davos amongst other places.

“Clunie’s use of colour is billowing, rich and dreamlike” (New Statesman)

“… artist Rosemary Clunie, whose work recalls that of Joan Miro or Quentin Blake… her colourful images – in rainbow hues” (Financial Times)

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” (Aristotle)


In an age saturated with images of violence and dissatisfaction, maybe art can take us back to the root of our humanity. Rosemary Clunie’s paintings encourage the viewer to travel for a few moments from the ordinary world into a realm of the imagination – to an inner dimension where art lives freely away from the rigid climate of the times, and yet stimulates a fresh interaction with reality.

In a unique method of painting, Rosemary Clunie’s works develop from a dialogue between mood and material, teasing out strange forms that have something in them of the tension of stories. She combines the pictorial and the abstract with elements of myth compacted into a dance of colours. Her subjects emerge from the paper like suggestive spirits of silk. They amount to a unique world of their own, not of this world but inspired by it in oblique ways. They are genuine encounters with imaginative form.

Her paintings seduce the mind into a kind of meditation, sometimes humorous, sometimes elegiac, unmistakably idiosyncratic, often edgily playful. You will see in them what you bring, but you will also see moments and shapes you have not seen before, whose purpose is to delight the mind with its own elasticity and freedom.

She has exhibited widely, from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, to Keats House in London. Rosemary Clunie is a painter, printmaker and video artist, born in Scotland, but living in Hampstead. After 10 years of painting with oils, she now enjoys the spontaneity of working on paper with acrylic, pastels, silk collage or digital print techniques.


“The mind’s eye begins to see clearly when the outer eyes grow dim.” (Plato)

“Painting is silent poetry and poetry is painting that speaks.” (Plutarch)

“The quest is for simplicity… an intuition in which, in a lightning flash, all things are made clear.” (Ben Okri)

“Painting for me is playful, an adventure in colour and form, a quest for a glimpse into the unknown.”(Rosemary Clunie)